Xbox One or PS4

What To Do; Xbox One or PS4

Xbox One Or PS4 ?

Well it has been awhile since we had a gaming console slug fest. The last time we saw the power houses really duke it out was when Sony rolled out the Playstation 3 to compete with the Microsoft Xbox 360. In case you don’t remember that was way back in 2006 (2005 for the Xbox 360). So yeah it’s been awhile, 8 years more or less. If you were lucky enough to be able to hold a gaming controller in the 90s you can remember the video game wars that lead to generations 1-6. Those were the days of the ultra successful Nintendo, and Sega Genesis and the abysmal failures such as the Virtual Boy and Panasonic 3DO (yeah I went there).

So it has been awhile since there was any real competition, the Wii for any serious gamers was about as competitive with Microsoft and Sony as the Dreamcast was with the Playstation 2 & Xbox. Nintendo hasn’t produced a really competitive system since the Nintendo 64 and even that system didn’t have the developers support to hang with the juggernauts. So the lack of competition, or for those of us that remember that anticipation of a new system being unveiled every other year has led to some excitement over this November.

So what are you gonna go with? The Xbox One or PS4? Well I’m not pretentious enough to expect to be able to answer that life altering question for you. But I can give you some advice. If you haven’t pre-order either the Xbox One or the PS4 you either need to plan on waking up extremely early on the respective launch dates or you should just wait. Wait until after Christmas and some of the dust has settled and the beat down has revealed who really is stronger. Because, if you haven’t preorder one or the other then you aren’t going to be able to order again until after Christmas. Whatever you do, don’t get overtly excited and pay %1,000 of a markup on a game system that. That’s a no no, trust me you’ll regret it.

So both of the consoles launch later this month — the PlayStation 4 comes out Nov. 15, and the Xbox One arrives a week later on Nov. 22. If you missed all the next-gen furor and didn’t pre-order yourself a console, what are your chances of getting one between launch and Christmas? Unless you want to try your luck — and your patience — by waiting at a brick-and-mortar store on launch day, you will not get a console, according to most major U.S. retailers and the console manufacturers themselves.

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