Wet iPhone Fix

Wet iPhone Fix

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Pro Guide: What To Do With a Wet iPhone


Your iPhone is your life, it has priceless pictures, business contacts, emails and connects you with family and friends. So those thousandths of a second in between when your iPhone slips from your hand and you realize it’s headed for the toilet, or when you jump off the back of the boat and remember it’s in your pocket, can be the longest moments of your life. Water on an iPhone can mean destruction, electronics and water simply do not mix. We have seen hundreds of wet iPhones and even more homegrown methods on how to fix a wet iPhone. So we decided it was time to dispel some of these myths and get down to what actually may save that wet iPhone. So in the unfortunate instance this ever happens to you or a friend, you will be armed with some facts of the does and don’ts of liquid damage.

Myth 1: Putting a wet iPhone in the microwave for a few seconds will dry it out

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, who would ever do this? Well believe it or not this actually is something that people have been told will fix their wet iPhone. Let me just confirm this is one of the worst ideas anyone has ever had. Do not, under any circumstances put your phone in the microwave. I feel like a complex scientific explanation of why you shouldn’t do this isn’t warranted… you’ll have to just trust me.

Myth 2: Put your wet iPhone in the freezer to fix it

The theory here is that the lowered temperature surrounding the phone will pull the moisture out. Although this may be true in the theory of Physics, what people forget to explain is that your phone’s screen is made of a type of liquid as well () that is highly temperamental to excessive temperatures including the cold.

Myth 3: Just throw it in the oven for a couple of seconds… or you can use a hair dryer

See above… The same applies to excessive heat as excessive cold. In short also a horrible idea.

Myth 4: Put your wet iPhone in a bag of rice

Well we are getting closer to viable solutions, a bag filled with uncooked rice is the layman weapon of choice when attempting to dry out an iPhone after it has gotten soaked. So here’s what you do, get a large (gallon size) Zip Lock bag and fill it with uncooked rice. As far as we know brown and white make no difference. Uncooked rice is very liquid absorbent and submerging the phone in it for a few hours (8-16) will in fact help draw out and soak up a considerable amount of the liquid from the inside of your phone. In some cases it will get enough out that your phone will power on again. However, you almost guarantee that rice and rice ‘dust’ will get into your phone which is not a good thing. Even worse than this is the fact your phone will absolutely rust on the inside. Although the rice will draw out a large amount of the liquid your phone will still remain wet internally which will absolutely lead to rust and corrosion issues on the internal components. This can lead to many more problems than you started out with including over-heating and short circuiting. So in the end even if you get your phone turned back on you could very likely end up with more internal damage than you started out with.

Myth 5: Buy one of those kits online, that’ll work!

I hate to break it to you but this is actually closer than you think to the Rice Fix. So there are quite a bit of online companies that sell for around $20. These kits contain silica filled pouches which is the same stuff retailers put in the bottom of shoes or in the pockets of jackets to keep them dry. Although, these kits won’t get dust or debris inside the phone the same downside as with rice will be that the inside of the phone never is truly dried out.

Myth 6: Your warranty will cover it just take it to the Apple Store

Well actually that’s not true at all. Your warranty from Apple is only against manufacturers defects. If you take a wet phone to Apple, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or any of the other retail outlets you’ll find yourself being talked into purchasing a new phone. These retailers, are in the business of selling devices not repairing them. However, if you have insurance through your retailer you may be able to get a replacement phone after you pay the deductible, depending on who your provider is and the iPhone it could range from $100-$200.

Ok, enough with what won’t work, tell me what will!

Alright so what you need to do is immediately turn your phone off if it didn’t shut off itself AND LEAVE IT OFF. Then wipe off the excess water, if you have a towel wrap it around the phone and absorb all the excess water you can get to. Then you need to get to one of our locations as soon as you can. The more quickly you can get it to one of our technicians the more you increase your chances for a successful repair. Our liquid damage process is unlike any of the mythical fixes discussed above. Our technicians completely take apart your entire device and then begin cleaning every internal component in a special electronics cleaning solution. This process not only ensures the internal components are completely dried, but the cleaning process ensures no corrosion will build up internally. Sometimes we repeat this process over and over ensuring every component is thoroughly cleaned and then dried. This process has a high percentage of success, although we admit we cannot save every phone. A large majority of the wet iPhones we see need only to be processed through our liquid damage treatment and sometimes a new battery. This turns into a far more cost effective repair for our customers, typically a fraction of what a replacement device would have been.

The next time you have an issue with a wet iPhone remember to call the Pros we can help. (501) 221-1155

Remember we have locations in Jacksonville and West Little Rock for your convenience!
Liquid damage treatment can be performed on ANY electronic device. Prices vary and are subject to change. But remember we will beat ANY competitor’s price!

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