Samsung Repair Services

Samsung is one of the top contenders in overall device sales across the globe.  With their varied and expansive model of smartphones and tablets there is no sign of them relinquishing any of their market share soon. Unfortunately, these popular devices have very fragile screens that have a tendency to break when dropped. And because of how Samsung screens are made it can be quite costly to repair them. There are a total of three layers in the screen assembly and all three layers are fused together using an optically clear adhesive. The LCD is the bottom layer. It is responsible for giving you the colorful and vivid picture quality that Samsung has become known for.  The next layer is the digitizer. It’s job is to sense the touch of your finger or S-Pen and to communicate the desired command to the operating system of the device. The last layer is the outer glass screen. It serves as a layer of protection to the inner layers and it is what most commonly breaks when the device is dropped. Regardless of which layer is damaged, replacing the full screen assembly will  result in making your Samsung smartphone or tablet look and feel new again!

The team at Gadget Pros has years of experience in repairing all Samsung devices. We repair everything from broken screens, to damaged charge ports, and everything in between. If you are having issues with your device and need some expert help call or stop by today. We offer a free, no obligation diagnosis on all Samsung smartphone and tablet repairs.