Fix An iPhone Save A Life

Fix Your iPhone, Save A Life, Save Money

Digging For Water and Producing Hope

Everyday many of us wake up and brush our teeth, take a shower, fix breakfast and head out to work. For millions of us we also stop and pick up a cup of our favorite coffee along the way. The thought of how or if we will be able to get water and whether or not it will be clean enough to drink never crosses our minds. In many of the world’s poorest countries, getting and finding fresh water is the most important task of the day. In many places across the world such as in many countries in Africa, simply finding a source for fresh water can be a daunting task. It is reported that approximately 500,000 children die every day in these countries as a result of inaccessible fresh water sources.

Little Rock Lends A Hand

That’s where a small non-profit started here in Little Rock comes in to play. Ozark Water Projects founded by Karla & Beckham Allen has ingeniously taken what most would considered trash and turned it into a solution for this dire problem. How can they take trash from here in Little Rock and turn that into fresh drinking water for kids a half-a-world away? Shoes. That’s right, those old pairs of shoes lying in your closet, well they’ve found a way to take those and help save entire villages. The premise is simple, they set up shoe drives and collection sites all over Little Rock and surrounding communities here in Arkansas. Once they’ve collected a few thousand pair they ship them off to a buyer who purchases them based on calculated weight etc. The money raised from the sale of these old shoes, that you were going to throw away anyway, is then used to fund well-digging expeditions in countries like Haiti and Kenya.

Fix Your iPhone, Save A Life, Save Money!

At Gadget Pros we are always on the look out for great people and a great cause. When we heard about Ozark Water Projects and what they had going on we jumped at the chance to help in anyway we could. So now when you come in to get your iPhone repair performed you can also bring an old pair of shoes in with you and drop them in the collection bin for the guys and gals over at Ozark Water Projects. We will even go a step further for you, if you bring in an old pair of shoes when you are having a repair done, we will give you an additional $5 OFF your repair. We would really like to collect a large amount of shoes to help out and you, our customers, can help us do that! So not only will you be assisting thousands by gaining access to clean water, you’ll leave with a brand spanking new looking device and you’ll be getting it for the best price in town. It’s basically a hat trick of awesomeness! Both Gadget Pros locations will be offering collection locations and you can bring by as many shoes as you’d like. They would like to have matching pairs and would prefer the laces of the two shoes be tied together as to keep them from separating. You can always check out Ozark Water Projects website for more information on how to host your own shoe drive or volunteer. At Gadget Pros we will continue to seek out great organizations with amazing missions in our community to assist in anyway we can. If you know of something we should check out, feel free to let us know!