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New iPhone 5S and 5C Models Lackluster

We are getting down to the wire, with exactly 3 weeks until Apple’s predicted announcement and subsequent new iPhone 5S unveiling, speculation has run rampant as to exactly what the new model(s) will consist of. Several months have passed since Apple’s Keynote presentation that showed Apple fanatics, and the world alike, their new iOS 7 which boosts added features as well as a new visual presentation on Apple’s popular iOS. However, Apple has been tight lipped in regards to the new iPhone models due out in early September. As always, the rumor mills have been churning since early Spring of this year regarding suspected strategies of Apple’s popular line of next generation cell phones. Some of those rumors have been outrageous and obviously frivolous, while others seem to be coming true.

The most recent reports from several Tech Blogs and other news reporting agencies claim that Apple’s plan is to launch two new iPhone models. The iPhone 5S, a beefed up version of the popular 5 and an iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is a proverbial ‘no brainer’, as it has been Apple’s tradition to release a beefed up version of every model since the 3G. The iPhone 5C as it has been dubbed, is reportedly a more affordable version of the iPhone, landing somewhere between a mix of the 3GS, 4 and 5. The iPhone 5C is a downgraded version of the iPhone 5, supposedly it will lack popular technological features such as Siri as well as a plastic back housing. These developments can only lead to the speculation that since Steve Jobs death, Apple’s development of new and exciting products is grinding to a halt.

With competition becoming ever fierce with Samsung and HTC continually churning out feature filled phones it seems that Apple’s decision to basically produce nothing in the way of innovative features will not be a competitive move and Apple sales will take a hit as well as their stock. The iPhone 5, to begin with was a bit of a lack-luster device laced with very few upgrades from its predecessor the iPhone 4S, it left many non die-hard Apple fans disappointed and seeking comfort in the open arms of Samsung’s feature filled Galaxy line of devices.

A bad Apple will spoil the bunch

A cheaper iPhone is a great idea isn’t it? No, not really, the iPhone 4 is currently free with a 2 year contract and $449 off contract. The most recent reports have Apple pricing the 5C right at $400 off contract as the affordable version of the series. So what is the lure of purchasing a device that has the same features as the 4, but in a plastic version for a mere $50 less than what they currently charge? The die hard fans out there are going straight for the 5S and it seems to reason that most consumers will have already purchased a 4 if price was a factor. Apple seems to really be reaching with this move, assuming it is their play. For further reading on the iPhone 5C pricing speculation look here.

Sept 10, D-Day

In the end, no one really knows what Apple will do on September 10th. They’ve surprised us all before. However, as of today, Chinese parts suppliers have begun sending out emails regarding the availability of replacement parts for both the 5S and 5C models. Now, obviously this doesn’t set anything in stone, but it seems to be a good indicator that Apple is moving forward with these reported plans. One thing is for certain it will be a big day September 10th, not just for the Apple fanatics out there but for those that hold Apple stock as well.

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