iPhone 5S Screen Repair

iPhone 5S Screen Repair

Broken iPhone 5S or Cracked iPhone 5C

But iPhone 5S screen repair is expensive isn’t it?

Both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were released earlier this year, as with any new iPhone model there were calls coming in within days regarding iPhone 5S screen repair for those unlucky enough to drop their phone before putting it into a case. Anytime a new iPhone has been released the initial cost to repair something as common as a cracked screen is astronomical. That’s just how the Apple replacement parts markets work. When the iPhone 5 came out last year the initial cost to perform a screen repair was upwards of $300, roughly the cost to replace the phone with an upgrade.

iPhone 5C

We are on the way to affordable iPhone 5S screen repair

Although it took several months for the cost of an iPhone 5 screen replacement to come down to an affordable rate it appears the iPhone 5S won’t see the same problems. Initial speculation, from technicians around the repair industry is that this is due to the similarity in the screens between the 5, 5S and 5C. Basically the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers have already perfected the processes to manufacture the screens so they only need to change a few specifications to pump out the iPhone 5S and 5C parts. We are already starting to see this reflected in the prices taking a steady drop. The initial cost for the iPhone 5S screen repair has plummeted from $300 to $220. Which means that every week the replacement parts are getting cheaper for us to purchase, therefore enabling us to extend those savings on to our customers.

What about glass only iPhone 5S screen replacement

So what about just replacing the glass? Well the problem with glass only screen replacement is that it takes some time to work the process out. Yes, we are practicing and perfecting our processes now. But they aren’t ready to execute just yet. As we see more and more of the iPhone 5S and 5C come into our locations we will be able to continue working to perfect the glass only screen repair process on these new models. Until we can guarantee that the process will produce a flawless screen replacement we will continue to work on it. However, rest assured just as we were one of the first in the repair industry to perfect glass only screen repair on other devices, we will continue to strive to find the most affordable processes that produce the highest quality repairs.

Don’t worry though, not only are prices dropping on the replacement screens for both the 5S and 5c, we are also getting better and better at performing the glass only iPhone 5S screen repair services. Our methods and price will continue to drop over the next few weeks and that means that we will be able to offer better deals on these services in no time at all of our locations. Whether you’re in Central Arkansas or Northern Louisiana, the Gadget Pros teams is working hard to produce high quality and affordable iPhone 5S screen repair processes and implement them as soon as possible. We will keep you updated on the progress and remember no matter how expensive the parts may be we will always guarantee to have the best price in town!