Galaxy Note 3 Preview

Samsung is bringing it with the Galaxy Note 3

IFA, an annual consumer electronics expo, kicks off next week and is slated for some pretty big product releases from electronics powerhouse Samsung and Sony. IFA kicks off around 1pm EDT September 4th and tech gurus are starting to get really excited to see what is in store for 2014.


IFA has traditionally been the jumping off point for electronics giant Samsung new products over the past few years. This year’s expo is not predicted to disappoint Android fans as products such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a new and improved Galaxy Tablet.


The last few weeks have seen an explosion in rumors after a Samsung Executive spilled the beans about some of the details over the new Note 3. Chinese parts suppliers have already begun carrying replacement screens for the device so there is a bit of certainty regarding the new model. We know that the device will look very similar to the Note II the biggest difference will be that the phone will be slightly more narrow than the previous model. What no one is certain of will be how Samsung chooses to beef up the internals. It is likely that the camera will be a higher-powered version of the S4’s, expected to be 13 mega pixels. The processor is expected to run a Snapdragon 800 and some high capacity RAM. Alas, we will have to wait until the 4th to know for sure.


What else is Samsung up to?

Samsung Smartwatch

Other Samsung releases are expected to include a smartwatch and Samsung is due to update their popular Galaxy Tab series of devices. However, details on exactly what those updates will look like are uncertain. What we do know is that this next week will be a huge week in the world of consumer electronics with Apple’s new product releases to come over the next week or two as well as Samsung and Sony dropping some new hardware this Christmas season will see some fierce competition over the mobile tech industry.

Information pulled from our friends at Android Central. Check out the original article from Alex Dobie here.

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