Arkansas Apple Repair Specialists

Apple Repair Specialists

We understand that most of our customers immediately think of the Apple Store’s Genius Bar when they think of Apple repair services. However, what many don’t know is that Apple Stores don’t actually perform the majority of their repairs in house. Up until recently Apple didn’t offer iPhone screen repair and when they finally did in the Summer of 2013 the prices were less than competitive. Apple’s standard one year warranty doesn’t protect against accidental damage and often times we get customers who have been to the Apple Store and were politely told to take a hike or buy a new device. Lucky for you we are the foremost leaders in Apple repair on all models of devices.

Our technicians have been performing Apple repairs since the early days of the iPod and when the Macbook wasn’t yet a Pro. We continue to strive to offer communities an affordable alternative to replacing their Apple device through utilizing our repair services. Our technicians perform thousands of iPhone screen replacements every month and are continuously training on new models as they are released. Our product development team is constantly sourcing the best possible replacement parts from international distributors to guarantee we can extend you the lowest possible price of any repair store. Typically our technicians have on hand all replacement components for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. With some of the Macbook hardware such as LCD and keyboard replacements those parts have to be special ordered and typically take between 3-5 days to arrive. We only use the highest quality replacement parts in our stores and we don’t claim to sell you Apple products that are not [Disclaimer]. Apple refuses to issue replacement parts for many of their devices so for the most part all of our replacement parts are from third part manufacturers. It is important to note that if your device is still under warranty replacing some parts may lead to cancellation of the Apple warranty protection. We advise our customers to always call their nearest Apple store to check the availability of warranty coverage before replacing any components.