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Where Do I Take My Computer To Get It Fixed if I Don’t Live In Little Rock?

We hear that question a lot from our customers outside of Little Rock, “I live in Cabot, where do I take my computer to get it fixed?”. Even more commonly customers come into one of our locations and ask “Are Cabot computer repair services worth it?”.

Well in order to help unwind some of the confusion around computer repair services outside of Little Rock and even here in the city we are going to break it down a little bit for you.

First let’s look at outside of the Little Rock area. If you live in a town like Cabot or Searcy there are some options there. In these smaller towns, repair shops have sprouted up in the last 10 years that will repair electronics like computers, cellphones and tablets. These smaller shops usually offer pretty decent prices and that is a plus for you, the customer. Also, the idea of having to drive all the way into North Little Rock or Little Rock to get your computer repaired can be a real distasteful option. Places like Best Buy’s Geek Squad can charge huge prices on almost any service they offer, so the prices of these less established repair shops can seem like a breath of fresh air. However, what we have found is these smaller, less established stores in towns outside of Little Rock, often times have some large drawbacks associated.

One of the biggest drawbacks of these smaller repair shops in places like Cabot, Searcy and Pine Bluff is these businesses do not employee specialty trained technicians. Often times these technicians have simply discovered a need for a cheaper repair services and have tinkered with iPhones or even done some computer work here and there. But they have no experience in the field or, they do but have no way to back their services with a warranty or guarantee of any kind. WATCH OUT FOR THESE GUYS! You can get burned really badly.

First thing’s first we have a location in Jacksonville, so if you live outside of Little Rock in Beebe, Ward or Lonoke. Drive a few minutes down the road and let one of our Jacksonville Computer Repair Specialists diagnose your computer and get you back up and running.

If you persist in looking for a location near you or scanning through Craigslist there are some steps you can take to make sure you do not end up with a horrible story about how a shady guy won’t give you your computer back.

Look at reviews, if the computer technician has any sort of web presence that has been active for more than a few months there will probably be some reviews starting to pop up. Google something like ‘Computer Repair Cabot’ see what pops up in your area. If you cannot find any reviews, or you find a bunch of bad reviews this should be a red flag. Also, Gadget Pros does not advise customers to take any electronic device to anyone that does not have a store front unless you trust them with your life. Why so dramatic? Well if your stomach doesn’t churn at the thought of losing your laptop then you won’t understand, for the rest of you, don’t risk it!

So what can Gadget Pros offer me? I’m glad you asked.

Gadget Pros has computer repair specialists in Jacksonville and West Little Rock. Our technicians have been put through a gauntlet of training and we stand behind their work as evidenced by our 6 month warranty. We charge far less than those rip off places like the Geek Squad. Yes, they are a rip-off. Now do not take that as they don’t do good work, they do. A few of our technicians worked at places like Best Buy and Circuit City in the past. The rip-off comes with the sticker price. The prices charged are simply too high. We charge less out of the gate than these places PLUS we will beat the price of any locally advertised competition. That doesn’t mean if your cousin Fred claims he can fix your computer screen for $25 we are going to do it for $20. It has to be a legitimate business.

So if you’re in the North Little Rock area or in any of the towns outside of the Little Rock area head over to Jacksonville where a professional can properly diagnose and repair your computer without charging you an arm and a leg!

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